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Cooling Plate - Large

Aluminum Cooling Plates (Water Cooled Mold base)  & Components 


  • Deep Hole Gun Drilled Plates 

  • Holes are Tapped with Baffles and Plugs installed

  • Vacuum Ports and Mounting Holes    

  • Large range of sizes

  • Built to your specifications

  • Strike Plates, Manifolds and other Components are also available





A single mold cavity or multiple cavities are mounted on the cooling plate to provide proper cooling and faster cycle times. The plates may also be interchangeable to run multiple mold cavities in alternating cycles or reused for another set of cavities after a mold has run its course.  The cooling plates have gun drilled water lines, tapped with plugs and baffles installed, machined and  taped mounting holes and vacuum ports. In house capabilities allow us to accommodate a large range of sizes.  We can build your cooling plates to your specifications. Additional items can be included so the plate is complete when the customer receives it. 


Trim Die Platten - Quick Change                Strike Plate Assembly - Aluminum Components








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