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IMI  Industrial Model Inc  Prototype & Production Vacuum Form Molds, Thermoform Molds & CNC Machining


All Tool Design, Surface Construction, Modifications, CNC Programming and Machining is done in house.

  • Part Design

  • Tool Design

  • CNC Programming & Machining

  • Full Service CAD/CAM Department

  • Design, Programming and CNC Machining Capabilities




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About Us:

Industrial Model Inc. (IMI) has been in business since 1988. Our Location, in the heart of the auto industry, has given us a close proximity and an extensive knowledge and affiliation in all of the surrounding commerce.

We furnish Tooling, Production Aids, Patterns, Prototypes and Parts to a variety of industries and consumers. We also specialize in Production & Prototype Vacuum Form Tooling, Components and Cooling Plates. 

At IMI, we excel in meeting our customers specific needs.  We pride ourselves on being versatile, innovative and precise. Our company structure allows us to overcome obstacles that larger companies may have a difficult time hurdling. 

IMI offers many different options and approaches that make it easier for you to choose a program geared toward your specifications budget. Our company structure permits us a certain flexibility to our customer's advantage. There are no restrictions to the hours we work and IMI can speed up or slow down production overnight. 


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